By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Homeless Cat Surprised Rescuers With The Most Gorgeous Eyes They’d Ever Seen.

It is so easy to ignore a stray animal, most people see them as a nuisance, rather than a creature trying to survive. Homeless dogs and cats are not trying to inconvenience anyone, they are looking for the same attention, care, and love domesticated pets enjoy. Perhaps, next time you see a lost animal wondering around your neighbourhood, leave a bowl of water and food; it may be the only real food they have had in days.

Joe from Royal Palm Beach, Florida noticed that a stray cat was eating from the bowl reserved for the family's feline. Rather than kick him out, Joe noticed just how hungry the cat was and let him continue eating.

Upon closer inspection, he noticed the kitty was suffering from mange on its ears and with its eyes completely shut and crusted. He took to Facebook looking for a kind soul to take the white fur ball in.

Carmen Weinberg, the founder of Animal Friends Project, knew she had to help the animal. "Early the next morning, I drove to pick him up. I took him immediately to my vet, Justin Bartlett Animal Hospital, and they confirmed that he was suffering from mange, was very dehydrated and malnourished," Weinberg told Love Meow.

It was unclear for how long the feline now named Cotton had been wondering around the city blind.

"Cotton was very skinny but fortunately, he ate well and was in good spirits. He must have sensed we were trying to help him and he loved to be touched," Weinberg says.

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