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By Huong Ngo

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Playful Stray Cats Are Having The Best Time Playing In These Drain Pipe Holes.

Nyan Kichi is a photographer in Japan. He likes to spend most of his time hanging out with stray cats, which makes them the usual subjects of his photos. The cats have grown to know and love him, welcoming him to their play time. They love to jump around and show off their athletic skills for him to capture, especially at one particular spot that contains drain pipe holes.

They go in and out of these holes over and over, treating the area as their own personal playground. The resulting photos: absolutely adorable! We can't get enough of these kitties. They make the whole place look like a Whack-A-Kitty game.

Photographer Nyan Kichi likes to spend most of his time out on the streets.

It's where he captures photos portraying the beauty of stray cats. There's one particular area he frequents where there are drain pipe holes.

In this area, he usually finds various stray cats who use the pipe holes as their own personal playground.

All cats are playful creatures and these stray cats aren't any different. Since these strays don't own any toys of their own to play with, they've come up with their own way to have fun.

They've turned jumping in and out of drain pipe holes into a game.

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