By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Cat Houses That Look Like Famous Landmarks Will Satisfy Your Kitty’s Wanderlust.

It's no secret that cats tend to prefer cardboard boxes over whatever toy or bed you might give them, and now one design company has figured out a way to capitalize on that fact. Studio Poopy Cat has created landmark architectural dwellings for your favorite feline, made entirely out of cardboard.

The Amsterdam-based team of creatives have drummed up seven designs that look like some of the world's most iconic landmarks, including the Sphinx, the Eiffel Tower, and more. The idea is that your cat can have the cardboard box they love, and you can have something that actually looks cute in your living room. See the kitty landmark homes below.

The cardboard homes are ornate, and allow your cat to take shelter in style.

In fact, some of the homes are big enough for other small animals to interact with them, too.

The interiors of the homes have small, pet-friendly details. This model has a bell inside for cats to play with.

The Sphinx home features a rope tail.

This model of the Taj Mahal would look great in your place -- and your cat would totally dig it.

This pagoda is perfect for a smaller cat.

Your cat can even get a little bit presidential.

The flag on top of the White House model has a bouncy spring for cats to play with.

The Mayan temple model has a scratch pad on its roof.

The Eiffel Tower might be the coolest model: It has a small elevator inside, where you can hide treats.

Wouldn't your cat dig a fancy cardboard home like this?

Source: Design Boom