By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

31 Funny Cats Who Think They Are Humans… #13 Is Downright Sinister.

One of my cats used to sit like a human. Every day when I came home, I saw her sitting on my arm chair, on her butt, her arm on the armrest. Basically, she looked like a chubby old grandma. I thought this behavior was unusual, but apparently, lots of cats think they are human beings. In fact, here are 31 of them.

#1. Wonders if it's really so hard to get a turkey on rye around here.

#2. About to get his license suspended.

#3. It would be great if he could do this with the lawnmower.

#4. Watching the game.

#5. He loves pancakes for breakfast.

#6. It's about time she started helping around the house.

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