By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

When Mice Have Bad Dreams… They See THIS Unusual Japanese Island.

So you fancy yourself a cat person, do you? Perhaps you've outfitted your entire life with cat-inspired memorabilia, dress up as a cat for Halloween, or even have a disturbing number of cats living in your house (anything more than four might mean you've become slightly unhinged).

Still, you can't call yourself a true cat person unless you'd consider moving to this insane island called Aoshima in the Ehime prefecture of Japan. There, cats outnumber humans more than five to one.

Sound like a kitty-cat dream come true? The 22 humans that live on Aoshima are mostly elderly Japanese, and many of them are concerned about the growing cat population interfering with their daily lives. However, if you've just added your two-thousandth cat sticker to the back of your car, this might just be the place for you.

Source: BBC