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This Married Woman Has 12 Cats, And Her Photos Are Taking Over Instagram.

When predicting a woman will be single for the rest of her life, many people tend to assume that the woman will become a crazy, cat lady. For some reason, in our society, it is assumed women who grow old with no love life substitute a husband and family with multiple cats.

Although this may be true for some, that doesn't mean it's true for all women. Take the owner of the "12 Cats Lady" Instagram account, Michelle, for example. She is happily married and a cat lady at the same time!

She doesn't use the cats as a way to cope with her loneliness. Instead, she's a happily married woman who just so happens to also love cats! Ain't nothing wrong with that. The best part about Michelle's cat clan: they're all rescued felines!

Michelle takes care of 12 spoiled indoor chinchilla Persians in Japan. With that many cats under her care, she is obviously a full time mom.

According to Michelle, “It started when we met our first cat, Yuki, on December 30, 2010. We took her home after rescuing her in the middle of the road where we found her dirty and freezing. After a while we decided to adopt one more and looked for the same breed on an adoption site — but we actually saw two chinchilla Persians and couldn’t decide between them, so we adopted them both.”

Of course Michelle wouldn't be a good mom if she didn't give each one of her cats a unique name. Their names are Yuki, Momo, Shou, Yuri, Bruce, Blackie, Kaya, Karu, Ai, James, Tiger, and Goodie. You can attempt at guessing which cat is which, but we'll warn you now, it's not easy.

“Many say it’s cute to have 12 fur babies and it’s cool,” she says, “although some think it’s creepy and weird and that I’m crazy. But I’m happy, so it doesn’t really matter what other people think about me having this many cats.”

Michelle claims she was initially attracted to this particular breed because they came off very quiet and sweet.

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