Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

This Married Woman Has 12 Cats, And Her Photos Are Taking Over Instagram.

With 12 kitties in the household, we can't even begin to imagine what their litter box looks like. However, according to Michelle, the litter box doesn't even compare to how difficult it is to cleaning their eyes.

Michelle feeds all her cats at the same time to prevent any potential food fights. “I know who eats a lot so I put more in their bowl so I can avoid them stealing another cat’s food,” she says.

But how does she get her furry babies to look at the camera every time? “I wave their favorite feather toy to get their attention and call the names of those who don’t look,” she admitted. “That gives me the chance to get photos of them all looking at me.”

Unfortunately, this cat lady doesn't plan on expanding her cat clan anymore. “They are all spayed and neutered now so there’s no chance of having kittens from them again — and it’s hard to introduce a new cat to 12 spoiled furballs.”

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