By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

The Latest Craze Among Japanese Cat Owners Is WEIRD… You’ll Hate Yourself For Loving It.

In a way, cats actually make the best models ever: Many of them act like divas, they can contort their bodies into interesting positions, and their faces can serve you sultry realness without even looking like they're trying.

One YouTuber, shironekoshiro, saw these cats exhibiting some real model behavior and decided to harness their potential. In what might be the most glorious 12 minutes and 19 seconds in Internet history, shironekoshiro brings you cats posing with a variety of fabulous props - or, you know, with lettuce on their heads - The feline at 3:30 is simply fierce.

When they aren't modeling, cats are sleeping or stealing. Cats are master thieves and we have photos to prove it.

Source: shironekoshiro