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By Krista Miranda

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Ancient Roman Landmark Attracts Tourists For Cutest Reason.

The cats that ended up at the ruins were drawn there for many reasons.

Some were born into the life of being a stray cat. Some were abandoned by their families and they needed a new place to live. But unfortunately, some of them were sick, wounded, or disabled. The volunteers decided that the cats that were considered high-risk needed a safer place to live, so they were brought into the tunnel underneath the ruins to live in peace.

Even though the volunteers' hearts were in the right place, it was still extremely expensive to care for hundreds of cats.

Trying to find the money to renovate the tunnel, as well as all of the other expenses that came with caring for all of these cats, started to put a lot of stress on the volunteers. Where could they possibly find the support that they needed? Could there be someone out there who loved cats and just so happened to have a bunch of spare money laying around?

As it turns out, people from all over were willing to help out these friendly felines.

The founders of the Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary began to ask the tourists for help. Travelers that wanted to experience the history of Rome found themselves stumbling across the ancient ruins, but they ended up staying to give the cats a bit of their attention. Because of this, the shelter began to receive plenty of donations, but they also gained even more volunteers that cared about the wellbeing of the cats.

As time passed by, the sanctuary continued to grow, and so did its reputation.

More and more people donated their time or their money, which meant that the cats were happier and healthier! Thanks to the donations, the volunteers were able to give the cats better food and vaccinations. And luckily, the volunteers were able to organize fostering programs for the stray cats.

As well as things were going, there were some people that didn't like the cats living in the ruins.

As time passed by, the sanctuary continued to grow, and so did its reputation.

Lisa Brown

Unfortunately, the Sanctuary was constantly being threatened with eviction.

For a while, the authorities were able to turn a blind eye to the cat sanctuary, but that changed in 2012. It was then that the National Archaeological Department decided that it was time for the cats to find a new home.

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