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By Camila Villafañe

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Cat Snapchats That Are Too Funny Not To Share.

Kitties always have the upper hand when it comes to surprising us and making us laugh. So how do you make cat pics even cuter? By combining them with some awesome and hilarious Snapchat captions that will have you cracking up till you crap your pants. Cute cat pics will never get old thanks mostly to the ingenuity of these adorable felines and also the funny things people write about them. Some of these pics are either timed perfectly or totally random. But one thing you can't deny is that they are so truly golden that you'll feel like you've overdosed on these lovable furballs.

#1. Was this cat ready to meet the newest member of the family?

Nope! The cat looks more like it's ready to eat the child up. Careful, it might end up liking how babies taste!

#2. This soft kitty blended into this stove like a chameleon.

Unfortunately, he almost ended up smelling like burnt dinner instead.

#3. Curiosity didn't kill this cat.

But it did bottle him up! It may be the cruelest decor object ever but tell me if it wouldn't be the cutest thing ever to be displayed on your bookcase?

#4. Cats can get pretty pissed when you ruin their dinner.

And they'll make sure you can't enjoy yours in peace either, but go ahead and try. You won't succeed, but try anyway.

#5. Perching can be so relaxing until it becomes life threatening.

Looks like someone needs to go on a diet before they keel over. Perhaps Weight Watchers has a program that doesn't count points when it comes to rats? Keep dreaming fatso!

#6. You can never wear enough layers in the winter, even if you're already a ball of fur.

We imagine that this is what Joan Rivers would look like if she'd been reincarnated into a cat.

#7. Everyone wants to meet the new neighbors.

Especially these cats. They just hope it's another feline family and not a bunch of dogs or this neighborhood will go downhill.

Everyone wants to meet the new neighbors.

#8. It's easy to forget that they're not human.

Especially when they're painting a Picasso on their iPad while vegging inside a tent.

#9. Some cats hate the cold almost as much as they hate dogs and water.

Since snow is basically frozen water, this kitty made the attempt and said, "Nope. Going back inside where it's warm and dry."

#10. If you're going to get a new pet, make sure it's the same species as your current pet.

Unless you want your cat to become a permanent part of your picture frame on the wall.

#11. Rarely are cats creepy, but this one is certainly the exception.

It's like some pervy deranged neighborhood is watching you to come and catnap you when the sun goes down.

#12. Cats enjoy the same creature comforts that you do.

And if you're not willing to provide it for them, they'll just find their own way of getting what they want.

#13. How embarrassing? Looks like someone has a hoarding problem.

Oh but with a cute, innocent looking face like that, it's difficult not to forgive.

#14. This cat's playing peek-a-boo with a reflection of its seemingly evil self.

Or maybe he's decided that the house isn't big enough for two cats and is cooking his foe.

#15. "Oh hell to the no."

Bet she probably uttered something insulting in cat language. Now kitty's ready to take out her claws and knock this human down. Better make it look accidental, boo.

#16. It's just another case of monkey see, monkey do.

Well in this case, it's more like cat see, cat do because this cat wants to rock.

#17. Moving to a new place can be hard on children.

Well apparently it can be tough on pets too. This little kitty is acting like an ostrich and sticking it's head in a cabinet of denial.

#18. This is why Curtis Stone and Rachel Ray never cooked with pets in the kitchen.

Guess now you can add cat fur to this delicious recipe.

#19. This happy kitty is also a sleepy kitty courtesy of some meds.

It also makes a great impression of Lily Tomlin drunk.

#20. Contrary to popular belief, cats aren't always the brightest.

Hopefully it figures it out before it pees itself or gets super hungry.

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