By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Watch This Adorably Deep Conversation Between A Baby And A Cat… LOL.

Just call her the cat whisperer. It’s true that children have their own language; most parents can only make up a few words based on repetition or process of elimination. But there is no translation required when a little girl and her cat get into a serious discussion.

The toddler has a lot to say when she has what appears to be a really interesting conversation with the family’s feline. Tabby intently listens to what its little friend has to say before responding back with a couple meows here and there. And it’s not just the talking that is adorable but how both the young child and the kitty have excellent manners taking turns in the conversation.

The mom admits that this chatter and gossip is something that happens on a daily basis; she just has no idea what the two are actually saying. We have a feeling the two friends want to keep their dialogue a private matter.

Source: Lenny