By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Cats In Tights Is A Fashion Trend For Which There Is No Explanation.

There's really no need to try and figure out why the Internet has given us this gift, but if you must, consider the following: The Internet is basically 99% cats. We all love them, the sticky situations they get themselves into, and the endless photos/videos of their grumpy faces. Additionally, it is almost winter, which means it's nearly time for us to break out cold weather gear like leggings and tights.

And thus, the Internet presents you with cats wearing tights. If you think about it (which you shouldn't), it really makes perfect sense (or none at all).

That being said, please enjoy these amazing photographs of cats wearing tights.

He learned all his flexibility in yoga.

Just hanging out in tights, keeping casual.

She's been searching all over for red tights like these.

She likes to keep her tights look a little flirty.

Why bother wearing tights if you're not wearing green tights?

Oh, you know, just hanging out in my floor tights.

She loves to style tights with boots.

His tights are seriously cool.

She's definitely uploading this one to Instagram.

Velour tights like you've never seen them before.

Appreciate her slender stems.

She's feeling swanky in her cutoff/tights combo.

These tights look pretty warm.

He's loving these bad boys.

And while it might not be fancy, she prefers the sporty look.

Source: Cats Wearing Tights