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By Camila Villafañe

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Scottish Man Travels The World On Bike With Stray Cat By His Side.

They say that everything happens for a reason. Well, if Dean Nicholson hadn’t left his job as a welder to go globe-trotting on his bike, he might have never met his adorable little sidekick. It all happened quite unexpectedly, too. He embarked on a bold bike-riding journey from Dunbar, Scotland, where he lives. His destination was Newcastle. From there, he intended to take a ferry and head towards a bunch of exotic locations. But along the way, he came across a furry kitten, who was all alone and in distress. He refused to leave her behind and that’s where their adventure together began.

If there’s one thing Dean Nicholson knows is that he will never travel alone again.

He has his trusty little sidekick with him at all times, and he probably wondered how he managed to get along without her. But it wasn’t that long ago that he traveled without someone looking over his shoulder.

There are only so many places you can travel before you run into a body of water.

There was that time when Nicholson had to take a ferry to Croatia before continuing to ride to Bosnia. That’s when he came across something unexpected. It was a precious little kitten and she was hungry and alone.

Nicholson decided that the best thing he could do was to care for her.

After giving her something to eat, he took her to a vet and made sure she received a rabies vaccine as well as all the other typical shots. But aside from being malnourished, she was in very good health.

Nicholson wasn’t always a freaking awesome world traveler on wheels either.

In September 2018, Nicholson left his hometown in Dunbar, Scotland, on a bike. He rode to Newcastle and then took a ferry to Amsterdam. He rode through Belgium, Greece, Switzerland, and Italy, but he wasn’t done.

Nicholson was riding up a steep hill with his music playing when he heard a meow.

The desperate plea was coming from behind him so he stopped, got off his bike and stroked the kitten with his hand. From that moment on, she refused to leave his side. But he wasn’t sure what to do about her at first.

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