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Kitten Is Seconds From Death In Car Wash, But Someone Saved Her Just In Time.

There's a lot of things that you expect to wash away from your car while it's at the car wash like dirt, oil and mud, but a kitten just isn't one of them. And yet that's exactly what happened much to the surprise of the assistant manager at the car wash company who was shocked when he spotted an adorable kitten covered in a pile of suds. So he immediately walked up to the kitty cat and scooped him up before any serious damage could come to him. The only question was, how did he get there in the first place?

When Matthew Bossi, the assistant manager of Ultimate Express Car Wash went into work, he expected it to be a routine day like any other.

Then things got really crazy when he noticed a little kitten walking inside the car wash covered in a pile of suds.

After rescuing the kitten, he brought him in and wiped him off. Then came the hard part.

Bossi wanted to find out how in the world it had gotten in the car wash. So he started going back through the security camera footage and what he found was shocking.

The kitty certainly hadn't dropped out of the sky or crawled into the car wash willingly.

He had fallen out of the bottom of the car being washed, and according to Bossi, it was the craziest thing he'd ever seen.

The surveillance footage showed the kitten jumping out from the wheel well just as the car was being washed. So had it been clinging on to the wheel on the drive to the car wash?

If he had, he was very lucky to have survived the journey on the road. It was also fortunate that he managed to walk out just inches from the moving wheels before he was crushed.

After making sure the kitten was okay, Bossi called the Naples Cat Alliance, a rescue group located in Naples, Florida and explained to them what had happened.

Once the kitten arrived at the rescue center, they named him Suds, because he was found covered in it at the car wash.

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