By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Golden Retriever Totally Failing To Catch Is The Funniest Thing Ever.

There's something so earnest and pure about being really terrible at something but working really hard at it anyways. Even when you know deep down inside that you're probably never going to get the hang of it, you commit yourself entirely and hope for the best - It reminds me of my brief period of time spent figure skating as a chubby elementary school student.

We've all tried new things (and failed), but there is no creature on this earth that tries harder than Fritz. Watch him fail miserably, but don't feel too guilty about laughing - his success is just around the corner.

By the time that the french fry hit Fritz's incisors, we were ready to give him a standing ovation. It's not all bad, though. According to his owner, he only struggles with catching food:

Fritz is really great with a tennis ball and shows no other signs of bad eyesight, but when it comes to food he gets excited and seems to commit too soon.

Keep fighting the good fight, Fritz.