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By Camila Villafañe

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Twitter Users Share Photos Of Their Cat Transformations

Cats have the upper hand when it comes to wowing us and making us laugh. So, it’s no surprise that felines are one of the most popular pets on online posts. All you have to do is perform a Google search and you'll find tons of articles, images and videos of cats doing some totally random and super adorable things. But when Twitter user Elle Maruska asked people to share photos of their cats when they first got them versus what they look like today, she had no idea so many people would respond. Using the hashtag #CatGlowUp, netizens were elated to do what she had asked.

Elle Maruska sent a request to the Twitterverse but had no idea she'd get so many requests.

People came through and sent before and after photos of their beloved cats using the hashtag #CatGlowUp, a term that describes a transformation in someone's style, confidence and looks.

This cat’s named Morchella and was found abandoned by Meg Metcalf in the woods seven years ago.

Ever since then, she and her cat have been inseparable. She even sleeps on her pillow and is one of her best friends in the whole wide world. But the cat's still not an outdoorsy animal, and that's okay.

But some cat owners’ before and after pics weren't separated by months or even a few years.

This Twitter user posted a photo that showed how much of a difference a trip to the vet, some food and medicine can make in the life of this kitten. In just two weeks, he's like a completely different animal.

Her tweet went viral and over 16,500 tweets have been posted using the hashtag, so far.

Some cats like this one went from a tiny ball of fur to looking like they could have probably played extras in the live-action “The Lion King” movie. And the tweets didn't just trickle. They poured in like a monsoon.

They say that the more things change, the more they stay the same, which explains these two kitties.

They're brother and sister and were together when they were first adopted by this Twitter user, and they're still together and lounging around like two big old couch potatoes enjoying their privileged life.

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