Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

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Twitter Users Share Photos Of Their Cat Transformations

This adorable white kitten was like a snowball with pink ears and glowing yellow eyes.

Don't you just love the way Pammy sat with her front arms in front of her like a human? Well, it turns out that 18 years later, not much has changed. She still does that thing with her arms, but she's furrier.

Not every cat started out with a great life, but a little extra tender loving care makes a huge difference.

This kitty named Sid Vicious Spooky Transylvania W had been abandoned like a piece of trash. But with the help of his human, he bounced back and became a force to be reckoned with, especially if you're eating chips.

We can totally see why this kitty's owner named her little ball of fur, Blueberry Muffin. He's such a sweet cat.

As a kitten, he undoubtedly won the heart of his owner with those black saucer-shaped eyes and gray coat. But as a grown-up, he's still pretty cute, and so darn fluffy you just want to scream with joy.

Cats grow faster than humans, so the difference between 14 weeks and a year and 9 months is huge.

This cat owner shared her kitty's photo, and it's obvious that there's one thing it doesn't like. It's either that birthday hat it's wearing on its head, or it doesn't like parties unless they're throwing one for the cat.

This Somali cat named Firefox, (you know, after the internet browser) has always been an adorable ball of fur.

But when his owner first got him, it was extremely tiny and fragile. Now, nearly 8 years after taking the original post, he's even more gorgeous. Plus, he's got one of the best cat names in the entire Twitterverse.

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