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By Camila Villafañe

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Twitter Users Share Photos Of Their Cat Transformations

It's weird how cats like Finn often have these tiny sad eyes when they're waiting to be adopted.

The before pic was taken right after Finn's owner met him. The photo on the right was taken once the cat turned a year old. His eyes are a lovely blue-ocean shade, but he seems grateful to have found his human.

This cat has certainly undergone an amazing transformation in the before and after photos.

It's much more vibrant and the color on its coat is deeper. It even has some amazingly striking marks on its chest and face. But we bet it never imagined that it would wind up being a cosplayer like its owner.

Some cats have grown a little larger, while others have grown a little leaner and maybe a bit older.

As a kitten, this adorable furball named Digby looked curious and perhaps a little frightened. But those blues eyes were so welcoming. And yet, as he got older, he seems to have gotten more suspicious.

Most pet owners would agree that they would like their kitties to remain forever young.

But they can't stay tiny indefinitely. So in this before and after photo, we see how this tiny kitten was able to fit into a kitchen scale. A year later, the cat is practically full size and would probably break the scale.

Now who on Earth would want to toss two kittens on the side of the road like that?

Fortunately, the kitties were found and eventually made their way into the hands of their forever owner. They were so tiny they could barely open their eyes. Today, they're all grown up but the bond between them is strong.

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