By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Dream Home For Cats Will Make Your Kitty Insanely Jealous.

When Eliza Fischer and Tiffany Barrow purchased their new home together they knew they had to make some design changes to make it safe and comfortable when they brought their seven cats together. They turned to Mountain Pet Products owner, Rebecca Mountain for help.

The house is large and spacious with a lot of open space and vaulted ceilings. A super highway was designed to allow the felines to move from one part of the house to another seamlessly. Perches by the window and climbers are some of the additions made on to this cat paradise. The three-month project proved to be a success for the family. "They are all integrated and there is no way it would have gone this smoothly without the cat shelves, perches, and walkway,” says Eliza.

Shelves in the shape of leaves provide a lot of exercise opportunities for the felines.

The vaulted ceilings allowed Mountain to design the hanging catwalk.

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