By Amanda

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36 Pieces Of Evidence That Cats Only Pretend To Hate Water… What Are They Up To?

Most people thing that cats hate water. Well, the experts have weighed in to tell you's true. Some speculate that it's due to cats being domesticated and kept indoors for thousands of years, while others think that they're simply just fussy.

Still, even though most cats will make you rue the day you ever tried to bathe them, some cats are just...special. These cats are intrigued by water: The way it looks when it flows, the sound it makes when it drops out of a leaky faucet, and the way it looks when it splashes into the air. Some cats even enjoy the feeling of water on their actual bodies, engaging in some light paw play or letting a stream of water fall onto their nose. Below are some cats who have found an appreciation for H2O. #17 is my life goal.

#1. It's important that I start taking more time for me.

It's important that I start taking more time for me.

#2. Somehow, this feels right.

#3. This summer has been oppressive.

#4. Get in or around my mouth.

#5. Testing the waters.

#6. This seems fishy

This seems fishy

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