Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

Hysterical Cat Snapchats Guaranteed To Make Your Day Better.

It's impawsible not to laugh at some of the hilarious things that our favorite felines do, especially when they get turned into hilarious memes on Snapchat. It's tough to gauge what exactly it is that cats are thinking about or why they take certain actions, but whatever the reason, they are so picture-worthy, whether they intend to or not. So to celebrate cats and all of their quirkiness, we take a look at these Cat Snapchats that has some owners adding some of the shocking and funny things they saw their cats or someone else's cat doing. So get ready to experience a huge belly laugh.

We dare you to step into the black hole that might not be a black hole but a black cat.

This black hole makes weird noises, has a tail and may leave scratch marks as souvenirs.

Playgrounds are meant to be used by kid and cats who apparently wait for someone to spin them.

These cats also look like they are either resting or preparing to do a spell and all they need is a child.

Being a cat can be tough sometimes and a bit tiring so nap time is purr-fect anytime.

Cats can be like humans too, especially when it comes to doing yoga poses with other cats.

Never judge a book by its fur, said no one ever and boy were they wrong when it came to these two.

The two ginger feline beauties were supposed to be shorthaired kittens, but they defied the odds.

A black cat staring into a glass furnace that reflects its glowing red eyes, cannot be a good sign.

Be afraid if you hear your cat say, "Mirror, mirror on the furnace, who's the bringer of the evil menace?"

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