By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

This Controversial Cat Carrier Will Turn Your Kitty Into A Little Astronaut.

A recent viral photo captioned 'CatPack' has divided the Internet. The photo shows a man wearing an aqua backpack with a black and white cat inside. The feline peers out of an acrylic semi-sphere window like an astronaut.

Some Facebook users have expressed anger and disgust, saying that their cat would hate to be 'imprisoned,' while others shared excitement and hopes to purchase one soon.

The Dodo traced the source of the curious carrier to U-pet, a company dedicated to 'providing the best quality products for their pets and pet-parents' through 'innovative designs, solution-based products, and proprietary collections.'

According to product descriptions, these carriers function just as a regular pet carrier would, and include a patent pending semi-sphere window that allows pets to enjoy the scenery in a safe way. The window can also be swapped out for a mesh panel. And yes, the carriers are ventilated.

Take a look at the photos below and visit the official U-pet site here.

Here is the infamous 'CatPack' photo.

Each carrier includes a built-in security leash, mesh panels, and ventilation holes.

One Amazon customer reviewer warned, "I can't see this bag really fitting more than a kitten or a chihuahua."

Another user praised the product, "This cat carrier is so cute and unique. With the bubble window, it makes me think of a tiny spaceship with a cat at the helm. There's a large mesh area near the bottom of each side that doesn't look like much, but from the inside the cat can get a good view of the world. And it's a backpack too! So cool!"

The carriers range from $69-129.

The U-pet team highlights the product's versatility as an all-in-one mobile pet bed, in-cabin airplane carrier, and car seat for not only cats but for dogs, guinea pigs, ferrets, and other small pets as well.

Would you purchase one of these for your pet?

Source: The Dodo