By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Kayaked Through The World’s Largest River Cave. This Is What He Saw…

Beijing-based photographer Ryan Deboodt returned from a trip to Laos, where he spent two full days exploring one of the most interesting spots in the world. It's called the Tham Khoun Xe, one of the largest active river caves on the plane -- and you can see most of it by boat.

The underground river cave system is nearly 4.5 miles long, and a bit tricky to get to. Normally, tourists are only allowed to travel to a certain point within the cave. However, Deboodt was given special permission to photograph spots where nobody is usually allowed to go. You can see his amazing images and a video of his exploration below.

At some points, the ceiling of the cave is almost 200 feet high -- hard to believe that this exists entirely underground.

Deboodt brought various cameras and equipment to capture these images -- he even used a drone to get some of the footage.

To see Deboodt's journey as it happened, check out this amazing video.

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