Lisa Be

By Lisa Be

LifeBuzz Staff

13 Insanely Beautiful Images Made From People. The Peacock Is My Favorite.

Cecelia Webber uses humans to make these beautiful digital images. She takes photographs of every day people for these human body art pieces. Her art exhibitions have been displayed all over the world.

Cecelia says “Each image takes many stages to create. I start by researching photos of the creature or plant I’m trying to create and then sketch poses I want to photograph in a notebook.  I never warp my models or edit them to change them – it is important to me to portray real natural bodies. Once I have my photos I start laying out my piece and playing with colour and arrangements. Many drastic transformations take place during this stage, so it’s sort of magical, because so many different variations are possible. I feel many possibilities at once but the true form of my subject slowly emerges. Often a single piece takes months.  However, the longest took me over a year of experimenting because the shape was so hard to mimic. That was my Rose piece I did in 2011. Having said that, there’s always the rare piece that is somehow finished perfectly in a week.”

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