By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

These Ceilings Are So Beautiful You Don’t See Them…You FEEL Them.

There is no ceiling when it comes to creativity. In architecture there are stand out structures that delight the eye with painstakingly intricate and vibrant elements that push the boundaries of design.

Quite often we find ourselves longing to step outside and enjoy natural beauty. However, one needs not look to the sky for inspiration as the ceilings of some impressive structures are breathtaking.

All around the world there are architectural marvels that perfectly marry imagination with craftsmanship. One can only assume the painstaking detail and the countless hours spent to manufacture these brilliant ceilings.

Each photograph takes you on a journey from the classic celebrated pieces such as the Sistine Chapel in Italy and the Admont Abbey Library in Austria to modern constructions like the metro station in Naples, Italy and the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas. Even though these are incredible monuments, they appear to make the photos themselves look like works of art.

#1. Wafi City Mall, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

#2. Bank of Commerce building, Toronto, Canada

#3. Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada

#4. National Assembly Building, Wales

#5. Abbey Library of Saint Gall, Gallen, Switzerland

#6. Trinity College Library, Dublin, Ireland

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