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See What These Legends Of Rock Would Look Like If They Were Still Alive. Joplin Floored Me.

Aging is a fascinating topic, especially how it relates to the way we'll look in 20 years. Sadly, because they passed too soon, we aren't able to see some of the classic rock n' roll stars age with the rest of their generations. Their images are locked in time, and have become part of their legacy— the way the world will remember them forever. Nonetheless, it's interesting to put their photos through a carefully designed 'age progression' to see what they might look like if they were still alive today. Phojoe, a photo restoration and manipulation company, partnered with Sachs Media Group to create the aged versions of our beloved musical superstars.

Elivs Presley

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix

Dennis Wilson

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