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Famous Celebrities At Their High School Prom… Is That Really Lady Gaga?

Most celebrities had average lives before becoming who they are today -- meaning, they went to elementary school, middle school, and high school just like everyone else. Sometimes people forget that celebrities were not always famous (of course this excludes people who have been in the spotlight ever since they were kids).

When people reminisce on their high school days, one of the big nights they'll never forget is their prom night. A night where everyone in the graduating class gets together to dance the night away in formal evening wear.

Thankfully for us, pictures of various celebrities at their prom have surfaced onto the Internet and it's actually quite nice seeing how humble all these stars look in their high school photos.

#1. Amanda Seyfried

It's like she hasn't aged at all. In fact, her character as a teenager in the movie Mean Girls looks almost exactly the same as what she looks like in this photo.

Amanda Seyfried

#2. Lizzy Caplan

Speaking of Mean Girls, does anyone else think Lizzy looks like a real-life Janis Ian in here?

Lizzy Caplan

#3. Shaq

I wonder if he was the star on the basketball team during his high school days. He most likely was... and probably the tallest guy at his school as well.


#4. Usher

Just as we expected, the super suave Usher we know now... was just as super suave back then. Not everybody can pull off an all white tuxedo.


#5. Wiz Khalifah

Woah, Wiz looks like a new man without his hair and scruff. Never thought I'd ever see a clean cut version of Wiz like this.

Wiz Khalifah

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