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35 Celebrity Tattoos… Ben Affleck’s Surprised Me.

I love seeing celebrities on the red carpet with exposed ink. As generations pass by, one thing remains constant in Hollywood: famous celebrities are idolized by us average people.

Years ago, celebrities didn't sport any visible tattoos because it was looked down upon in society. Today celebrities are seen with all sorts of tattoos and this says a lot about how accepting our society has become.

Some celebrities even have tattoos on their faces and yet they remain admired by their fans. It's nice to know that tattoos are no longer a controversy in the public eye but instead seen as the norm (in this day and age).

So take a look at some celebrities below that you may or may have not known have tattoos.

#1. Ed Sheeran had a lion tattooed on his chest in August 2015 to commemorate his three sold-out shows in a row at Wembley Stadium.

#2. A colorful phoenix on Ben Affleck's back.

A colorful phoenix on Ben Affleck's back.


#3. Katy Perry sports a XLIX tattoo in honor of her halftime performance at Super Bowl XLIX.

#4. Adam Levine's new back tattoo illustrating an angel mermaid holding a skull.

#5. Demi Lovato has a rose on her inner arm.

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