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The Best Celebrity Moments Of 2015 Were Recreated With Barbie Dolls.

Everything comedian Amy Schumer touches is gold. In late December, she tweeted a photo created by Swedish Instagram user @adollworldafterall, and it went viral.

The photo features three Barbie dolls meant to represent Kanye West, Kim Kardashian West, and Schumer herself at the the Time 100 gala held in April to honor the most influential people of the year. Schumer had lunged onto the floor in a harmless prank as the Wests posed for the press. Despite bitter appearances, Schumer later took a photo with Kim that night and stated that the couple were good humored about the whole ordeal, and perhaps just confused at the time.

The Instagram has also reflected on some celebrity-centered debacles and events that made headlines this year: Kim Kardashian's controversial Paper cover, Adele's hit ballad "Hello," a different side of Justin Bieber, and more.

Here is the @adollworldafterall photo comedian Amy Schumer posted on her Twitter:

And now for a look back on some of the most recent major celebrity moments starting with Kim Kardashian West's Paper cover in late 2014:

2015: The year of Hello. #adele #adelehello #hello #adele25

A photo posted by adollworldafterall (@adollworldafterall) on

2015: When Women ruled the galaxy. #starwarstheforceawakens #starwars #rey #leia #leiaorgana #boxoffice #jjabrams

A photo posted by adollworldafterall (@adollworldafterall) on

Next, a mockery of social media hipsters with Socality Barbie.

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