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18 Celebrity Flaws You Probably Didn't Know. Now I Love Tina Fey Even More.

We like to think that celebrities are totally different than us regular folks: They've got more money, better skin, and the ability to summon things like limos and private planes at a moment's notice.

However, at the end of the day, stars aren't so different from us. In fact, they've even got unique characteristics that set them apart. Check out these 18 celebrities with secret flaws that you probably don't know about. #14 really surprised me.

#1. Ke$ha

This is a story told by the singer herself, but no one knows if it's actually true. "I had a tail when I was born," Ke$ha said in an interview. "It was a tiny tail, about a quarter of an inch, then they chopped it off and stole my tail. That was when I was little. I'm really sad about that story." We're thinking it's true, because why would someone lie about something like that?


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#2. Stephen Colbert

As a child, Colbert suffered from a ruptured ear drum. The incident caused him to go completely deaf in his right ear. Colbert isn't ashamed of this characteristic. In fact, he brings more attention to it by bending and flipping his ear in ways we didn't think were possible.

#3. Megan Fox

Megan Fox has spent the majority of her time both off and on screen as a sex symbol. However, she's got one unique trait that many might be surprised to notice: She has a clubbed thumb.

#4. Denzel Washington

When Denzel Washington was a kid, he loved playing basketball. He broke his finger while playing, and it was never probably reset. Today,, it looks like this.

Denzel Washington

Carlo Allegri/Getty Images

#5. Mark Wahlberg

We thought it was just a myth, but apparently, even stars can get them. Mark Wahlberg has a great bod, but it's got one thing that most bodies don't: A third nipple.

Mark Wahlberg


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