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11 Famous Women Who Proposed To Their Men.

#6. Pink

In a recent interview, Pink told The Guardian that her marriage is by no means perfect, but it's worth fighting for. In a 2017 interview with The Guardian, Pink talked about how difficult staying in a monogamous relationship can be. But she claims she's head over heels in love with how amazing her husband Carey Hart is as a father. In a way, it kind of makes up for their relationship woes. “He’s just the kind of dad I thought he’d be and then some,” she said. The couple has been on and off for years. But in 2005, Pink decided to propose to motocross soon-to-be hubby, Hart during the Pro 250 class finals. As he was doing his third lap of the race, Pink held a board with the message, “Will You Marry Me?” Then, when Hart didn't pull over, she followed it by one that read, "I'm serious!"

#7. Diane von Fürstenberg

Fashion icon and business tycoon, Diane von Fürstenberg rejected seven proposals. But then she had a change of heart. Her husband, Barry Diller, had been wanting to tie the knot with von Fürstenberg for years, but clearly, she wasn't in any rush. She knew she wanted to spend her life with Diller, but the relationship had torrid beginnings. In 1980, the couple even broke up for a few years. von Fürstenberg started a new relationship with a bearded man named Paulo, whom she'd met in Bali. But her heart belonged to Diller, and eventually, the couple tied the knot in 2001. One day, von Fürstenberg and Diller were going around NYC when they spotted a lovely old couple. “And we both thought the same thing: that we wanted to be that couple someday,” she told Oprah in O magazine. “We said it to each other right then.” A few years later, von Fürstenberg decided to ask Diller to marry her on his birthday. “You know, if you want, for your birthday I’ll marry you.” But his response would make most of us chuckle, “Let me see if I can arrange it.” von Fürstenberg and Diller exchanged their vows in an impromptu wedding ceremony at New York City Hall. The legendary fashion photographer Annie Leibovitz, who's a longtime friend of the couple, captured the iconic moment.

#8. Jennifer Hudson

Anything Jennifer Hudson’s boyfriend did, she could do better, and she proved that on his birthday. In 2009, her boyfriend, David Otunga proposed to her on her birthday. But being the total boss that she was, she proposed right back five months later on his birthday. She even offered him a five-carat engagement ring! You go, girl!

#9. Judy Sheindlin

The courtroom TV star and voice of reason known as Judge Judy asked her husband Jerry Sheindlin to marry her in the 70s. She told Dujour, "I did propose to him." Judy was getting kind of tired of being in a relationship that wasn't going anywhere. In fact, she felt Sheindlin was beating around the bush and not giving her a straight up answer. “I said to him, ‘Where is this relationship going?’ And he tried to weasel out of it, with his, ‘Well, you know, why do we have to get married?’ Whatever. He finally capitulated. I told him to pick a date. He picked Flag Day.” Judy and Sheindlin ended up divorcing, it only ended up lasting a year. The TV star ended up remarrying him after she came to the conclusion that "most men are alike." Well, she kind of has a point!

Judy Sheindlin

#10. Gretchen Rossi

Real Housewives of Orange County TV star, Gretchen Rossi, cried tears of joy when she asked Slade Smiley to marry her. And Smiley put a smile on her face when he accepted the proposal. Rossi had broken up with him in the past as she felt things were getting too serious. But she ended up realizing that he was the one and only for her. “With this ring, I hope you’ll say yes, and I hope you’ll marry me, and I hope we’ll have a wonderful, fabulous, maybe not perfect, but happy life together,” she told him. Smiley got on one knee and told her it'd be a privilege to marry her. Awww!

Gretchen Rossi

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