Celine Dion Did Impressions With Jimmy Fallon, And It Was Hilariously Awesome.

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At this point in her career, Celine Dion doesn't really have anything left to prove. She's an internationally acclaimed singer with countless hits, and who manages to sell out shows all over the world before the tickets even really go on sale. She's gone from "talented singer" to "timeless icon" over the course of her multi-decade career, and she's shown no signs of slowing down.

But as it turns out, Dion's talent really knows no bounds. Not only can she sing beautifully, but she can also do a pretty solid impression. Dion showed this off on Jimmy Fallon's show, competing with him in an impression competition that will make you smile and blow your mind. From Cher to Rihanna to Sia, there's pretty much nothing that Dion can't pull off when she's got a microphone in her hand. Then again, we already knew that. Check out her hilarious and spot-on performance in the video below.

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