By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

15 DIY Cinder Block Projects… #5 Will Make Fun Memories For Your Kids.

#6. Construct some patio furniture.

If the cinder blocks are too hard to sit on, try adding some comfy cushions or a mat on the seat.

#7. Hang a vertical planter.

This looks amazing, and is surprisingly easy to build.

#8. Build a decorative tower for your yard.

Not all DIYs have to be useful - this one just looks really cool. Imagine the fun you could have painting each block.

#9. DIY a cute fence with cinder blocks and wood.

Don't want to spend the money to build a "proper" fence? This fence looks pretty good to us - and it was built at a fraction of the price.

#10. Build DIY concrete block stairs.

If your yard is on an incline, cinder blocks can serve as an excellent stairway on a budget.

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