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He Spent 24 Years Turning A Factory Into A Dream Home, But It’ll Never Be Finished.

Back in 1973 Ricardo Bofill came across an old dilapidated building that he fell in love with. It was an old cement factory that was used back in the WWI days but had been long abandoned and was falling apart. Bofill loved it so much that he bought it and got to work on transforming the massive building.

He calls in La fábrica and nearly forty five years later it is still a work in progress. It’s located near Barcelona and Bofill has turned it into a beautiful home along with a great work place, and he’s not finished yet. As a matter of fact, he may never be finished.

He and his team work on one section of the facility at a time. They come up with a unique design for each room so that no two rooms look alike. Not even close to it. Everything that is done is completely unique from what has already been done in the now beautiful former factory.

Bofill has used his architectural background to oversee the entire project and the new designs they come up with for each area can be directly tied to his lifestyle. Over that amount of time people change their ways and their thoughts and this leads to a beautiful, and completely unique, design for each section of the giant place. It’s so big that the final completion may not ever arrive.

Look at the beautiful photos of this once abandoned facility.

This beautiful project has been in the works for 24 years.

Ricardo Boliff found this WWI cement factory and fell in love with it. He bought it in 1973 and got to work.

Ricardo Bofill saw it and fell in love with it, so he bought it.

Located near Barcelona, Boliff began a renovation that continues today. He turned it into his new home.

Deconstruction and reconstruction has led to some really cool rooms.

One room at a time his team turns the giant space into a modern living space. It has taken lots of rebuilding, but the results are amazing.

Those outside coverings can be turned into really beautiful additions.

The outside was once covered with brush that gave it a run down, abandoned look. That has all been replaced with new greenery that looks more alive.

How many people live in an old factory?

There aren't many people in the world who can say they live in an old factory. Even fewer of those that can can boast these kinds of views.

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