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By Scott Stevens

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He Spent 24 Years Turning A Factory Into A Dream Home, But It’ll Never Be Finished.

Bofill's team works from right within the old factory.

Bofill's construction team works right there in the house. This studio is where all of the new room designs are created.

Wrigley Field has nothing on this place.

Wrigley Field is a beautiful sight in the summer with it's ivy covered outfield walls. Bofill's place however, is covered with mostly grass, eucalyptus, palm, and olive trees. It's a beautiful sight for sure.

The grass gives it a historic look.

Bofill said the outer growth gives the property a “mysterious aspect of romantic ruin that makes it unique and unrepeatable.” One look and you can't disagree with him.

Even in a giant home there needs to be a central meeting place.

Even a gigantic home needs a focal point for the family to meet up. Bofill said that “The kitchen-dining room located in the ground floor is the meeting point for the family.”

The property is constantly changing.

Since each area is uniquely designed it's like a different era wherever you go. Bofill said it's a constant evolution that is par with his own creative visions and lifestyle.

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