By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

20 DIY Chair Makeovers, #14 Is The Best Bar Stool I’ve Ever Seen.

Chairs are the items in your house that suffer the most wear and tear (after all, you do sit on them constantly), but they're also the type of furniture that's incredibly expensive to replace. If you've got chairs in your home that look beat up but are still serviceable, you might want to consider upcycling them with a few of these amazing tricks.

Below, we've put together 20 awesome DIY ideas that will have your chairs looking fresh and modern in no time, for a limited amount of money. These ideas are all fully customizable and open to your creative interpretation, so check them out and start getting inspired.

#1. Reupholster an old chair in four simple steps: The finished product is totally charming.

#2. Turn an old chair into a custom-made statement.

#3. Use a creative paint job as inspiration for your next chair upcycle.

#4. Interesting fabrics can take shabby old chairs to the next leve..

#5. A large print on a fabric makes for an interesting statement piece.

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