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Only In Japan Would Students Do THIS While Teachers Weren’t Looking.

When students have some downtime, they are often turning to technology, whether it be a smartphone or tablet to kill time. Some students in Japan, however, are taking to drawing and it’s not graffiti. There is a growing trend amongst students using chalkboards as a medium to create art murals that one would think are done by professionals. This trend is so popular that a lot of the art is going viral online.

Japanese chalkboard company Nichigaku saw the opportunity to celebrate the students’ talents on the unconventional medium by holding a Blackboard Art contest. The entries were nothing short of outstanding with students drawing murals of their favourite activities at school, Mt. Fuji as well as fantasy-like landscapes.

Despite Japan being a leader in technology, its schools still use chalkboards which is great because we get to see some fantastic art. The only hard part of using a blackboard to produce a masterpiece is the knowledge that at some point, it will be wiped clean.

Mount Fuji

Mito Sakuranomaki High School in Ibaraki.

Favorite extracurricular school activities

Winner of the contest. Kochi Nishi Senior High School.

What happens while the teacher has his back turned.

2nd place. Omiya Koryo High School.

Monotone mural of crossroads

Honorable mention. NSG-Highschool Niiza Saitama

Inverted world

Honorable mention. Tokyo Metropolitan Sogo-Koka High School.

Teachers' portraits

Nagasaki Prefectural Sasebo Nishi High School.

Ocean adventure

Hirata Gakuen Kokufudai Joshigakuin.

Flapping dream

Kanagawa Prefectural Aso High School.

Pigeons and time

Shizuoka Prefectural Science and Technology High School

Tokyo tower

Saitama Prefectural Omiya Gwangneung High School

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