By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Charging Cell Phones While You Bike Is About To Get Easy… Thanks To This Teenager.

Most technology giants like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs had humble beginnings and a low budget. After years of dedication plus a lot of trial and error, they revolutionized the world we live in. Imagine, if we had the opportunity to meet these incredible people when they were still teenagers, on the cusp of an idea that would change the world?

Enter Thomas, a brilliant 16-year-old from Romania who, by using materials he took from a PC, constructed a cell phone charger by harnessing the power of wind. The entire DIY project cost him $5!

The great thing is, he has also provided the list of materials he used so we can all take advantage of his innovative creation on Instructables. You don’t need to be an MIT graduate to be able to put together the wind turbine cell phone charger but just have some basic understanding of electronics. At some point in the future, we will be reading about Thomas who will probably be mentioned alongside some of the technology giants who, like him, put their bright ideas into action.

This is Thomas' cell phone charger

Tools he used for his project.

The Romanian teen used less than ten parts.

A fan from a PC.

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