By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Mysterious, Abandoned French Chateau Is Eerily Stunning... Just Look At The Back Yard.

This story might sound like something out of a movie, but it's absolutely real - and absolutely magical.

Karina and Craig Waters had been hunting for a countryside home in France for a long time, and they were growing discouraged. Miraculously, their son found something incredible online: An fairytale mansion in the Midi-Pyrénées called the Chateau de Gudanes.

The home was in rough shape, but one look at the exterior, and the couple knew that it had to be theirs. It's an 18th century neoclassical ruin that's been falling apart for years - but when you stumble upon a property as good as this, you do whatever it takes to revive it.

They have started a blog, documenting the process of buying this incredible property and fixing it up.

The process was long and bureaucratic: Once the house was signed for, they had to begin the slow process of obtaining restoration permits.

They waited for months for the permission to make the home new again.

In fact, their wait was so long, they even contemplated selling the house to someone else.

The previous owners had bought the building in the nineties, planning to turn it into an apartment building. The developers were denied permission to update, and simply left it to rot.

Unlike the previous owners, Karina and Craig didn't want to make a profit: They simply wanted to restore the home to it's original magnificence.

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