By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

22 Sneaky Tricks For Getting The Cheapest Flights… #13 Works Every Time.

#6. Don't be monogamous to one airline.

Consider booking your flights with separate airlines for two one-way fares.

#7. One at a time.

If you are flying in a group, look for seats separately. When you are searching for multiples, search engines will show the highest priced seats. You may not get to sit together, but you'll happy to be saving money.

#8. Make it a bundle deal.

Book your hotel and flight together. It is usually cheaper than doing it separately. Hotels are also more willing to discount their prices without making their status look cheap.

Make it a bundle deal.

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#9. Red-Eye.

Red-eye flights continue to be the cheapest time of day to fly.


#10. Wake up early.

If you can't make the red-eye, consider booking early in the morning when that's the second cheapest flight time.

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