By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

27 Cheapskates Who Will Make You Roll Your Eyes In Despair.

The Internet is flooded with photos of celebrities and details of their glamorous lives, both real and make-believe. Business trips to Paris, designer clothing, and personal hairstylists, for example. Some folks burn through cash and hit their credit card limits because they want to live the dream, too. And on the opposite end of extremes, we have the cheapskates.

We all have at least one cheapskate in our lives. You know, that person who pinches every penny they've got. They probably don't tip much, if at all, even after helping themselves to some "complimentary" items from the restaurant.

Below you'll find 27 photos of the cheapest people we've ever seen. You'll discover that being cheap doesn't necessarily mean you'll save money. In some cases, your things break faster and you have to put in more time and money because of it. In other cases, cheapskates prove they can cook up some of the most creative and sustainable ideas, a valuable talent to have in a nation where only 20% of us are completely debt-free.

#1. A young lady sent out her uncle for sugar one night and this is what he came back with.

#2. When you book one hotel room instead of two in order to save money, you end up getting very close to your business partner.

#3. Cheap Cosplay Boy with his Taylor Swift look. What do you think?

#4. Cheap Cosplay Boy does Davy Jones with carrots, tape, and a few pans.

#5. Now, you can have affordable cloud storage!

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