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This Guy Cheated On His Wife But His Confession Saved Him.

Jason Hewlett took to Facebook a couple of days ago to confess he almost cheated on his wife. The husband from Salt Lake City, Utah wrote how he was standing in line to pay for his items when he noticed a woman in front of him “that knocked” him out.

Luckily, the beauty before him was his own wife, Tami Spenst Hewlett. The two had arrived at the store separately, without knowing the other would be at the same location. Hewlett admits that he felt a range of emotions when he became aware that his other half had not noticed him. "I realized how close I came to not ever winning her love in the first place,” Hewlett wrote.

Instead of making himself noticed, he let Tami walk away and continue with her day while he admired her from far. Hewlett’s observation of what he learned from the encounter is both profound and romantic.

Kind of embarrassed to admit this, but I think I sort of cheated on my wife today. To explain what I mean, I was at...

Posted by Jason Hewlett on Tuesday, December 1, 2015

This man got divorced but what he said about his ex-wife is something everyone should read.

Source: Jason Hewlett