By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Tourists Set Their GoPro Camera Down In Front Of A Seagull… BIG MISTAKE.

I imagine that when you're a celebrity, it must be really hard to have cameras in your face all the time. In fact, every once in awhile, celebs can't take it any more and kind of flip out, making for photos that are both kind of funny and kind of sympathetic.

Well, this seagull knows exactly how they feel.

After being filmed against his will with a GoPro, the seagull decided to stop the madness and take matters into his own hands. You're going to be shocked when you see what he decides to do.

All of this leaves us with one burning question in our minds: How did the owners of this GoPro get their camera back?

This videographer does something that will make you see birds differently.

Source: Martin Lozano