By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

The Team Saw One Of Their Cheerleaders Being Bullied, So They Took Action.

We're used to hearing stories about relentless bullying that happens in America's schools, often with tragic consequences. This story, however, is a refreshing glimpse into the epidemic of school bullying, one that definitely inspires hope.

This is Desiree Andrews. Desiree is a cheerleader at Lincoln Middle School in Kenosha, Wisconsin. While performing a cheer at a basketball game, Desiree was bullied by a group of boys in the stands.

Instead of just ignoring the jerks in the bleachers, one of the boys from the team decided to call a time out and come to Desiree's defense. The player told the bullies not to mess with her, and the entire team rallied behind him.

After the game, the team decided to ask their sports director what could be done to further protect Desiree from taunting. They also created a special cheer to make Desiree feel awesome and included at every game. Check out the video below for more of this touching story.

Sometimes, kids are just awesome.

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