By Amanda

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They Found A Locked Trunk In The Garage... It Belonged To Their Dead Grandfather.

Have you ever found anything surprising while cleaning out your closets? You may have come across a pair of jeans you'd forgotten about, or perhaps a box of treasures from your childhood, but odds are you've never come across an amazing thing like this. This lucky housecleaner was going through their closets for some spring cleaning when he came across an amazing trunk full of his great-great grandfather's things. You're not going to believe the kind of stuff that was inside - luckily he uploaded photos and shared them with the world.

A year ago, we found this trunk in my grandfather's house in the gargage after his passing. He never told anyone about it, and what we found inside amazed us.. I posted an album shortly after of some of its contents on reddit. It got somewhat popular and made it onto some smaller news sites. I decided to update the album to have better pictures of the items I had previously shown, with more information on them, as well as new items I have found in the trunk. This is an old photo of the trunk as I currently do not have the trunk and some of its contents, but I have most items. I am unsure of the age of the trunk.

The chest was full of amazing historical items that were left in there for many, many years. Digging through the items, we soon realized the trunk once belonged to my Great Great Grandfather, JC. There was so much stuff that it would take ages to photograph and put it on here, so I have chosen the most significant items in it. This is another old photo, but from here on, there will only be new photos.

One of my favorite items I had found in the chest was this John Deere Farming Companion booklet.

It had my Great Great Grandfather's handwriting all throughout it. Most were farm-related calculations.

There were also advertisements throughout the pamphlet.

Another favorite item of mine was tube of elixir name "Liquozone" that supposedly cured everything. This type of "medicine" is where the term snake oil comes from.

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