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He Wasn’t Allowed To Get A Dog… So He Got An ALPACA Instead.

It’s not clear why Matt didn’t ask for a puppy or a cat but the 13-year-old does not regret his choice of the family pet. The teenager in Adelaide, Australia, has a fluffy alpaca named Chewy. The camelid was Matt’s Christmas gift two years ago and since then the two friends enjoy playing the drums, skateboarding, and going to the beach.

“He tries to drink the water sometimes. He watches the waves come over him,” says Matt. Chewy might not know how to protect his human like a dog does but he will spit at people he does not like or surprise him.

Watch Chewy and Matt enjoy the Australian beach together.

Chewy the Alpaca!

When 14-year-old Matt wasn't allowed to get a pet dog, he adopted a different kind of best friend - An alpaca! 'Chewy' is now a big part of the family and even has an Instagram account to keep fans updated on his adventures! <3 #9Today

Posted by TODAY on Monday, March 28, 2016

Matt fell in love with alpacas' after a trip to an alpaca farm.

Gotta love how he sits 😂 #chewythealpaca #alpacasofinstagram

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The family also has a pet rabbit who Chewy loves to hang out with.

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Chewy is popular in his neighbourhood and on social media. He has over 9,000 Instagram followers.

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Next, alpacas might have the funniest haircuts.