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This Guy Is Sailing Around The World With His Chicken Like It’s No Big Deal.

Plenty of people find a travel buddy to take around the world: A best friend, a sibling, or a significant other. But few round-the-world travelers would take the journey with this companion, and that's what makes this guy's journey so special.

Guirec Soudee, from Brittany, France, has been traveling around the world with his pet, Monique, for the past two years. They first met on the Canary Islands, where Monique was given to the traveler as a gift. "It was love at first sight," he wrote on his website -- and it's not hard to see why.

In addition to having a unique travel buddy, there's a mutually beneficial relationship between the two of them. In other words, although Monique and Soudee have seen a lot together, but the hen is more than just a fine-feathered travel friend: She also provides eggs for Soudee on his journey. See photos of the unlikely pair below.

Soudee and his hen Monique have been sailing around the world since 2014.

They travel by boat, and apparently both of them have got their sea legs.

You've got to admit it: They make quite the photogenic pair.

Currently, they're in Greenland, where this photo was taken.

They provide companionship for one another on the long journeys at sea.

And both of them can really get enthusiastic about selfies.

They do a lot of activities on their journeys, including fishing.

When they're in warmer places, they enjoy going for a dip.

And who doesn't love to read on the beach?

Monique has gotten pretty friendly with other travelers along the way.

And here, she demonstrates one of her best assets: She's housetrained.

Monique the hen: She's more traveled than you are, and you can't even be mad at her.

Source: Voyage d'Yvinec - Guirec Soudée