By Amanda

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He Bought A Child Laborer His First EVER McDonald’s. Then He Just Listened…

Varun Pruthi is an Indian actor, director, and self-described philanthropist. Recently, Pruthi has become even more popular for his self-produced videos on social justice - particularly, the circumstance of India's destitute, working children.

Though Pruthi's videos have been criticized in international media for being somewhat exploitive for his cause, one can't help but acknowledge the powerful message that lies beneath the heartwarming music - watch the video below, but prepare yourself for some harsh truths.

As stated in the video, NGO research estimates that there are over 60 million child laborers currently working and living throughout the country. We have the benefit of using a critical eye to process these alarming figures, and have the ability to understand that there are endless and complex factors at play. For this little boy, and for the rest of India's working children, the complicated questions boil down to just simple one: If I don't work, how can I eat?

Of course, answering that question is a lot more difficult.

For more perspective on this heartbreaking situation, visit sources here and here.

Source: ActorVarunPruthi