Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

20 Childhood Photos You’ll Remember - Recreated.

#6. Time goes by and there's nothing you can do about it.

And while you can't avoid getting older, you can definitely have a blast while you're at it. These two recreated their childhood pic to perfection.. But somehow, we're inclined to believe that there's no milk inside that baby bottle on the right.

#7. No, you're not seeing double, or quadruple! These sets of twins look exactly the same 19 years later. Well, except for the onesies, the diapers, and, well...everything else!

Proof that time goes but love is eternal! These brothers decided to recreate a childhood pic two decades later, and the end result is too cute for words. They must've had to really bend over to be able to lift them up!

#8. Siblings that recreate childhood pics together, stay together!

Here's another shot of the brothers who gifted their mom a calendar packed with childhood recreation photos. We really can't put into words how much work went into these remakes. Just look at those facial expressions!

#9. These siblings recreated a pic that featured their mom's BFF, Carolyn, 24 years later.

And their childhood memory seems to be frozen in time, but the kids? Boy, how they grow! Particularly that giant adult baby in the white onesie! The photo is an exact and hilarious replica of the original one, except for one furry member who got replaced by their new puppy.

#10. Evidently, not much has changed! She's just as agile and bendy as always!

At least now the fall won't be as bad as it would've been when she was that little! Ouch!

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