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By Huong Ngo

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25 Hilariously Inappropriate Notes From Kids Who Are A Little TOO Honest.

People get so caught up in texting, emailing, and typing that they forget the value of handwritten notes. Fortunately for us, all children will start off with handwriting before typing and they love to write all sorts of notes.

Kids are funny, you never really know what's going on in their minds. Nonetheless, most are simple minded and they can be pretty straight forward and blunt. Kids are at an age where shame is only just developing so they're not embarrassed to speak their minds.

Check out some of the cards and notes written by kids below. Sometimes I wish I had the guts to be as expressive as they are.

#1. Is this based on a true story?

I sure hope not... and hopefully not an autobiography.

#2. This girl does not play around.

You better hope you don't read this if you're not Carson.

#3. I don't think you're supposed to call Santa fat.

Especially when you're expecting gifts from him.

I don't think you're supposed to call Santa fat.

#4. You better watch your back.

The assassins might be back in the near future.

#5. A child's self-made anti-drug poster.

The kid should have gotten extra credit for the accurate looking bong.

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